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托福考试 | 10月12、13日口语 写作预测

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1. Some people prefer to make friends with the same age, other would like make friends with different ages. Which one do you like?


2. Your school is planning to eliminate the computer lab on campus because almost all students have laptops and they can use their laptops. Do you think eliminating the computer lab is good idea and why?


3. Many people prefer to read books in electronic format on a computer screen or other devices. Some other people prefer to read books on paper printed copies. Which way do you prefer? Why?


4. When meeting problems in daily life,some like to solve it in a serious way while others

tend to deal with these setbacks in a humorous way. Which way do you think is better? Give your explanations in your response.



5. One of your friends has been working for ten years after graduation. Now he is planning to return back to the university to further study, from your perspective, what kind of challenge or difficulty does he may confront?


6. Which of the three school activities would you like to volunteer do to beautify your school : planting flowers, painting or picking up garbage?


7. Which of the following characteristics do you think would be the most important for a person who is going to start a new small business?

-being out going and friendly

-being creative an dimaginative

-being well organized


8. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Important business meetings should always be conducted face to face in person rather than on the internet


9. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:Parent should help kids prevent

difficulties in their life so kids will not experience difficulties early


10. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers should require students to participate discussions during the class. Use specific reasons and examples in your answer.





1.When a new technological device becomes available, some will buy it right away, and some wait until many have adopted. What do you think?


2.Which one is the most important factor to help you work productively:

A. Having an environment free of noise and distractions;

B. Knowing that you will receive a reward;

C. Doing something you are interested in.


3.Which is the most important thing for a country’s leader to assure the prosperity of the country:

A.Creating more jobs for unemployed worker;

B.Increasing agriculture and lowering the food price;

C.Increasing access to affordable house.


4.People can solve important problems in their daily life on their own or with the help from families. The help from the government is not necessary. Do you agree or disagree?


5.Agree or disagree: Your job has a greater effect on your overall happiness than social life does.


6.People in communities can make decisions that protect and improve the natural environment. Which one of the following three actions is most useful for people to do if they want to help the local community environment and why:

Plant trees and create parks

Persuade local shops to stop providing plastics bags to customers

Increase access to public transportation to reduce the number of automobiles on local Roads


7.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?It is better to make friends with

intelligent people than with the people who have a good sense of humor.


8.Some people think that some lessons for young children (age 5-8), which include video

games, can serve as effective and interesting ways of learning, while others think that these lessons are quite distracting and can be seen as a waste of time. What is your opinion and why?


9.假如你马上面临大学毕业要选 final course,会选以前上过课的老师的课还是没有上过课的老师的课程?

If you are going to graduate from the university and have to choose the final course, which professor will you choose. The one you used to sign up for courses or the one you have never learned from before


10.Which one of the following areas should governments fund in order to improve children’s educational quality:

1) Hiring more teachers so that there are fewer students in one class;

2) Providing preschool education;

3) Providing additional training for teachers so they know more methods to teach






1.虎鲸以黑色为主、黑白相间占少数,而白色虎鲸更是十分罕见。在 2000 年,研究者惊奇地在阿拉斯加 (Alaska)的阿留申群岛(Aleutian Islands)附近发现了一头白色虎鲸,暂且叫它 Alaska white orca。2010 年, 研究者再次在俄罗斯近海岸发现了一头白色虎鲸,我们可以叫它 Iceberg white orca。那这两头虎鲸究竟是 不是同一头虎鲸



1).肤色不一样。Alaskan 白虎鲸的肤色要比 Iceberg 白虎鲸的肤色深

2). 两头虎鲸隔得太远。A 虎鲸在美国的阿留申群岛附近被发现,而 I 虎鲸在俄罗斯的近海岸被发现,两地 相隔整整 1500 英里

3).两头虎鲸的年纪对不上。一般来说,人们都是通过背鳍(dorsal fin)的尺寸来判断一头虎鲸的年纪。根 据背鳍的大小,当 A 虎鲸在 2000 年被发现的时候,被推测为 20 岁。但是 10 年后,Iceberg 的背鳍尺寸 也是 20 岁。所以,两头虎鲸不可能是同一头虎鲸。



1).两头鲸肤色之所以不一样是由海藻(algae)导致的。当海里的海藻数量越多,虎鲸的肤色就会越深。而 海藻的多少也会根据季节进行变化。因为 A 虎鲸和 I 虎鲸被发现的季节不一样,所以肤色就会不一样。换 句话说,这两头鲸很可能就是同一头鲸

2). 两头虎鲸隔得不算远。虎鲸的哺食模式(Hunting Pattern)分为两种,一种吃哺乳动物(mammal),所以 他们经常出没在海岸边。另一种虎鲸喜爱哺食鱼类,所以他们会跟随鱼群的长途迁徙而环游整个海洋。有 时候,他们迁徙的路径长达 2000 英里,所以美国到俄罗斯的区区 1500 英里根本不算远。

3). 两头虎鲸的年纪对得上。通过背鳍大小来判断虎鲸年纪的方法根本不靠谱。因为虎鲸长到 20 岁时,背 鳍的尺寸就会停止增长。所以从背鳍尺寸来看,25 岁和 30 岁的虎鲸看起来都一样。所以,这两头虎鲸其 实就是同一头虎鲸。






1). 广告不会公正客观的阐述药品的影响,只会着重宣传药品好的方面,对药品可能产生的副作用只字不提。所以药品广告会误导消费者。

TV ads are not objective, for they often conceal the negative side effects, which even they have not realized yet.


2). 药物广告会导致消费者误用他们宣传的药品,不咨询自己的医生

Once the medicine is advertised, the sales will surge, which will mislead the consumers to believe that such medicine is very effective, so they will not consult their doctors. This is very hazardous for their health.


3). 政府虽然已经对药品广告有了一定的规范,但这是不够的。政府应该审核每一个药品广告,如果不这样 做的话,有可能会伤害消费者的利益

The regulations and controls that government imposed on medicine ads are insufficient, for the government does not censor those ads one by one, which give advertisers loopholes to exploit.




1). 消费者知道这是广告,不会盲目决定,有自己的决断,购买药物之前会调查,跟自己的医生商量,事 实上对消费者有利

The consumers have their own objective views and judgments. They often do a lot of researches in the internet or consult doctors before they buy the products

不一定会导致消费者误用药物,比如有 一种尼古丁药,做了广告之后就大大的帮助了人们戒烟,是十分有效的

The big sales of the products will inform the consumers some really useful medicines, which they did not know before. For example, a medicine used for prohibiting the habit of smoking was introduced to the consumers by ads, and it is proved very effective.


2). 政府有法律法规,广告商不能随意夸大效果或者做虚假广告,否则会遭到严重的处罚

Though the censorship is not conducted by one ad, the government will seriously fine the companies that violate the regulations, so the companies are less likely to do that.




1). 气候变化导致人类的体型变小,所以脑子也相应变小。

2). 现代农业主要种植谷物,但 grain 中的低蛋白会使得脑子变小

3). 肌肉萎缩使得脑子变小




1). 在 20000 年前,那时候的气候更加多变,人类的脑子也没有变小

2). 澳大利亚和一些国家是到了现代,才开始吃 grain,但他们的脑子 和其它东方的人却一样变小了

3). 肌肉缩小的幅度比脑子缩小的幅度要小


4.一种 hooligan 小鱼减少的原因



1. 障碍阻止 females 产卵,同时调整大坝的时间

2. catching and redesign the nets to catch the shrimps

3. 多养殖 krill,减缓 food competition



1. temporary 调整 only hatch in spring

2. the shrimp are not sensitive

3. add more food like krill into rivers by humans


5.Amalgam should be prohibited in dental repairs



1).Amalgam is harm to people’s health, which will invade in nervous system and bring series of illness.

2). Mercury in Amalgam will drain into waterways, polluting rivers and lakes.

3). There are substitutes of Amalgam, such as gold and ceramic.



1).The recent study shows that with a small amount of mercury, human body will not be harmed.

2).Most of dentists have a solution to prevent mercury from flowing into sewer systems to pollute environment. 3. Mercury has lots of advantages.